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by Stellamoon, 121 days ago

Path to Exile is a semi-casual guild looking for a few new players to join our team! We have an active group of core raiders ready to push heroic Tomb, but need your help to fill out our roster. If you enjoy raiding but aren’t looking for the stress and time constraints of a mythic guild, Path to Exile may be for you!

Server/Faction: PVE-Kilrogg (Horde)
Raid Days/Time: Thursday 9:30-12 EST (alt night), Friday 9-12 EST (progression)
Progression: 2/9H

We offer:

  • Progression raid Fridays 9-12 EST
  • Casual alt night/normal tomb on Thursdays 9:30-12 EST
  • A tight knit group of people who love this game, and helping each other
  • Guild provided feasts (we all contribute bacon and other materials)
  • Keystone runs (we push 15's weekly)
  • Loot council (in progress)
  • Two week trial period 

What we need from you:

  • Be active in the game. We love running keystones in our downtime 
  • A good mic, Twitch, and the willingness to communicate with your guildies
  • Ability to attend 90% of Friday raids from start to finish, and willingness to communicate changes in availably in advance
  • Patience and a positive attitude
  • To be fully prepared for raid (pots, flasks, gems, enchants)
  • Knowledge of your class and raid encounters
  • Ability to give and handle constructive criticism

You shouldn’t join our guild if:

  • You’re racist, sexist, transphobic and/or homophobic. That shit doesn’t fly here
  • You hate fun

We’re actively looking for:

  • Balance druid
  • Rogue
  • Ret pally
  • Warlock

We are also looking for a backup tank who loves doing keystones, willing to tank on alt night, and fill in for progression raids as needed. Other classes please feel free to apply.


Please contact Stellaluna#1681 or Caslin#11993 if interested, or apply here at our guild website.

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